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Rémi Chevalier
Olivier Sciales

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51, route de Thionville
L-2611 Luxembourg
  • Rémi Chevalier
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CHEVALIER & SCIALES is a Luxembourg law firm established in 2005. Our services cover the formation of funds / investment vehicles or corporations and ongoing legal and tax advice for financial professionals and promoters. The firm’s practice, though exclusively focused on Luxembourg law, is global and multidisciplinary. CHEVALIER & SCIALES offers a comprehensive and specialized legal service covering all the key legal and tax aspects relating to an investment process from structuring and devising creative and tax efficient investment structures up to their complete implementation. Our team composed of high-skilled lawyers, with interdisciplinary expertise and in-depth understanding of financial markets, is responsive and renders high-quality and competitive advice.


Our corporate and tax practice offers clients a full range of services relation to transactions and ongoing business needs. We assist public and privately-held companies in a wide range of industries with proactive tax-planning, including the request of advance tax agreements, corporate and tax restructuring, cross-border transactions and general corporate and tax matters. Chevalier & Sciales’ integrated multidisciplinary approach combines in-depth corporate and tax expertise.

Our range of services includes amongst others:

  • Incorporation of Luxembourg holding and financing companies and advice on appropriate legal structures;
  • Domiciliation of Luxembourg holding and financing companies and provision of corporate secretarial services;
  • Advice on corporate governance issues, including the drafting of joint venture agreements and shareholders’ agreements;
  • Advising on corporate reorganisations and recapitalizations;
  • Establishment of hybrid financial instruments;
  • Requests for advance tax agreements.


Chevalier & Sciales is active in financial and corporate litigation, often involving complex and sophisticated matters relating to commercial, banking and financial law, and encompassing both jurisdictional and arbitration issues. The amounts at issue vary in scale from several hundred thousands to hundreds of millions of euros. Examples of litigation proceedings in which Chevalier & Sciales has acted for its clients include:

  • Litigation regarding compensation for substantial financial market losses, principally resulting from investment in uncovered options and extensive use of Lombard credits;
  • Commercial arbitration dealing with the responsibility of a state undertaken by a commercial company and a civil procedure for execution of the arbitration decision, which involved a penalty of more than €100 million.
  • Litigation relating to errors committed in the execution of a discretionary investment management mandate or otherwise.


Chevalier & Sciales has strong expertise and in-depth knowledge of investment and asset management, providing comprehensive advice on legal and regulatory issues for asset management firms and investment funds. Our interdisciplinary approach assists clients with the organisation, establishment and operation of investment funds, including retail and sophisticated UCITS, master-feeder structures, Specialised Investment Funds, closed-ended funds, hedge and private equity funds, as well as the negotiation of service and management agreements. We go beyond solving purely legal and tax issues, helping investment managers and fund promoters improve their competitiveness by structuring flexible, easy-to-administer and cost effective investment vehicles.

Our services cover amongst others the following:

  • Assitance in the set-up of Luxembourg investment funds (SIFs, UCITS, SICARs, part II funds)
  • Assessment of the impact of the AIFM Directive on both managers and their funds.
  • Advising fund managers on local private placement rules for marketing their funds in Luxembourg.
  • Assessment of the impact of UCITS IV and UCITS V.
  • Review of eligibility of target assets, risk diversification requirements and other investment restrictions.
  • Support in the registration of Luxembourg funds in other jurisdictions (in co-operation with local service providers).
  • Fund restructuring (liquidation or merger of funds, compartments or share classes), amendment of fund documents and liaising with the CSSF.
  • Assistance with changing of service providers including custodian bank, fund administrator, auditor or registrar and transfer agent.
  • Assistance with listing of UCITS and SIFs on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange’s regulated or Euro MTF markets.
  • Structuring of Shariah-compliant UCITS and SIFs.


Chevalier & Sciales represents investors, lenders and borrowers in the negotiation of cross-border financing transactions, and the enforcement of their rights under financing and surety agreements, and helps them comply with increasingly complex regulatory issues. We bring extensive experience to advise on sophisticated financing tools and related surety instruments including derivatives such as credit default swaps, total return swaps, commodity swaps, options and forward transactions, as well as bridge financing, senior and subordinated debt, securitization transactions, syndication agreements and pledge agreements.


English, French, Dutch and Spanish